Sunday, June 15, 2014

We survived - mostly!

It has been quite a busy time around here.  I did mention most of what is going on in my post about May - except for the biggest part: I am pregnant and FEELING it.  My other trimesters were NOT this tough.  The boys have done well though (more TV for them - unfortunately).  My husband has been GREAT.  Blogging has also made me realize just how inconsistent I am and my total lack of follow through.  I hope to remedy that, once I feel like sitting upright more.

I am starting to feel better overall - my mornings go well but then I hit a wall in the afternoon.  This week I did get to address the staff at Urban Connection and had a fabulous time.  They are such a great group of young people wanting to impact those around them as they provide summer programming for children who live in the housing projects (where our old church met).  I finally got to talk with them about my favorite subject - READING.  We discussed the summer slide (middle and higher income kids typically gain a month or two of reading skill over the summer while inner city kids typically lose that much) that often happens in low income households (which lack books and a culture of reading).  I think they got the message that they can be a key part of helping to prevent some of that by reading aloud and making time for their kids to practice their reading over the summer.  We'll see what happens.

Vacation Bible School also went really well this week (except for the part where my oldest didn't move off the couch for two days because he was sick).  I think my favorite part was seeing all of our middle and high school students serve our younger students so well.  We had 3 middle school boys in our group (the 5 year olds) and they did a great job!  It is so amazing to be in a church building (even though it does feel a little "gym" like still - it was a YMCA).  My husband and I haven't been in a regular church building since we were married!  The first Sunday was especially blessed - you could feel the excitement.  So we are settling in and I think they did get all of the occupancy stuff figured out!   It's been an exercise in patience.

This week I also went to see one of our good friends, South Texas Jazz, play big band music at a cool theater downtown!  One of my long time favorite genres of music.  His wife invited us as a going away event for one of our friends who is moving (military move).  He is also the music minister at our church.  It was a fun girls night out and we stayed until after the Spurs won the game, so there was lots of horn blowing downtown as we left.

My brain has felt like mush at the end of the day so instead of trying to develop posts, I have been wasting time on pinterest looking at ideas for maternity clothing, organizing your house, and generally things that I should do but lack the "get up and go" to do.  Maybe I will get a second trimester burst and actually accomplish some of these things.  We do plan to find out boy or girl towards the end of the summer.

Of course, Go Spurs Go!