Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday with Words: Nouwen and Staying Home

A while back I re-read Parker J. Palmer's book I only picked it up because on the back was a recommendation by Henri Nouwen.  I have thought about how Nouwen's experience - going from being a professor and well regarded theologian to working with the mentally disabled - is similar to many stay at home mom's experience.  Nouwen was well respected in his field and honored but he constantly writes about how working with those in an institution is all about being in that moment, being kind and gracious - they don't care what your degree or background is.  Honestly, that is what makes being a mom humbling and difficult.  I can handle a professional situation, make a great presentation, be an "adult" but my kids don't really care about that.  They care about spending time, enjoying each other, being in the moment - that's a bit tougher for me.  This clashes against where many of us have placed our value for so long.  I think this is one reason I appreciate his work is because of his deep humility.

A few weeks ago I was rummaging through the local library's books for sale.  I am pretty sure a pastor had recently dropped off his library because of the type of books that were available.  What caught my eye was a book of the hours using sections of Henri Nouwen's writing.  Fascinating.  It has about 6 short readings that are spread throughout the day.  The idea is that you can read words to remind you about who you are, who God is and what you should be about on a regular basis.  I just started with the new month.  WOW - it is going to be good.  I don't always read it "on the hour" but am trying to at least read it each day.

Yesterday's Vesper passage was what I needed to hear.  I have been called the "least stay - at - home" mom by close friends.  However, after 10 years I am realizing that I might have missed the boat in my ridiculous running around. :

Yes, God sees the hidden work and it is fruitful.  I need to remember this.

ETA: I got mine for a buck - who knew it would be worth $10+.  If you plan to use it faithfully it is probably worth it.  It isn't dated just Sunday through Saturday for four weeks.

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