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I love to find new things.  It is my honey bee nature to go from flower to flower.  The resources listed here are not necessarily recommendations - because I haven't used them all - but they seemed in keeping with what we are about at my house and I wanted to keep record of them.  Plus, I figured other people might find them interesting.  If it is a resource I have used then I clearly share that as well.  Hopefully this list will provide some inspiration and some new finds.

For Mom's enrichment 

Another Sort of Learning - Schall, booklists and essays for mom
Paradigm Shift for Curriculum - a reminder that it isn't all about the curriculum
Great Books Reading List - A 10 book plan outlined by Mortimer Adler to go through the Great Books library
GTD for Homemakers - still working on implementing around here!
Teaching Gifted Children in a Regular Classroom - or ways to help your kids grow in independent work and skip problems that are too easy but make sure they understand what they are doing
Tips about Toy Rotation - good thoughts, complete fail at our house though
Restful Teaching - A GREAT 4 1/2 hour video course from Circe Institute that is inspirational and practical.

Reading, Literature, Handwriting and Poetry 

Reading Lessons Through Literature - a Spalding based program, open and go, 4 levels from Barefoot Ragamuffin Curriculum
18 Minutes and the Daily Five - reframing goal setting and the big picture of "language arts"
Peterson's Handwriting - the program we use for cursive
Living Memory - over 400 pages packed with lists, works worth memorizing, etc.  Written by the author of Latin Centered Curriculum 
Best Christmas Pageant Ever - a good holiday read
Poetry - IEW's poetry program, Memoria Press (we plan to use this one) and some free poetry resources
Caesar's English - if you aren't committed to Latin as a language to study but want to incorporate it this might be the resource for you
Progymnasmata Programs - a listing of all the progym programs I could find and some comments about their similarities and differences
Phonics Lesson Videos and the Syllabary - this is a FREE online video course to teach reading using Noah Webster's syllabary method, we used it in the fall
Language Lesson Through Literature - This is the CM based literature program (free - public domain books) that we use.  She provides lessons for 3 days a week and includes a poem, motto, Aesop's fable, art study, Bible verse and a short lesson on grammar.  It is POWER PACKED.
Primary Language Lessons - a review of how we used Emma Serl's classic this past year with a comment on Memoria Press's introduction to composition as well.


Introduction to Classical Studies - A Memoria Press offering that provides a reading and question outline for Bible, Greek myths, and Famous Men of Rome.
Adventures in America -A kinder - 2nd grade read aloud American History program - we used it last year and mostly read the books - but she includes map studies, copywork, etc.
American History for Elementary Students - an overview of different popular programs and their approach to history and a collection of FREE google books about American History
Write From History Series - a CM based writing program that uses works from history to provide practice with narration, copywork, dictation, etc.  Very thoughtfully laid out and uses 4 time periods and has an early elementary and late elementary program - with different passages for each time period.
Old Western Culture - a new program from Roman Roads Media for high school students covering The Greeks, The Romans, Christendom and Early Moderns.  The resources attached to this program and phenomenal and many of them are FREE.

Math and Science

Miquon Math - the program we use for math
Math Mammoth - our supplementary math program
Montessori Math Beads - what are they for and what do I really need
Novare Science - An overview of this new science program.  Memoria Press is adopting it for their middle and high school grades - I AM THRILLED.
Options for Elementary Science - this is a long listing of nature study, books, experiment options and full curricula that are available for elementary science


Elementary Latin - This is where I list and discuss all (most) of the Latin curricula I have collected.   The title of the post comes from a FREE google book curriculum I liked.
What Latin Program is Right for your Family?  This is a list of questions to help you think about how you'd like to include Latin studies in your home.
Todally Comprehensible Latin - a blog that gives ideas for using comprehensible Latin, short stories and games to help teach Latin (and a link to an interlinear text of Aesop's fables).
Also see Living Memory mentioned above.
Song School Latin - My review of book 1.  In short - we love it!

Full Program

Wayfarers - This 4 year complete program has a strong CM emphasis and an open and go approach.  I will discipline myself to use it consistently some day.

For Memory

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas
Evening Hymn 

Exercise, Fitness, Activity

7 minute high intensity and Yoga Pretzels - great ways to incorporate short bursts of exercise in your homeschool (or regular) day

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