Meaningful Minutes

Meaningful Minutes Index.

10 to 15 minute activities to bring beauty, skills and fun to your family life.

The Introduction is here.
History Spine: Helping your students get the overview of world history. 
Narration: The art of telling back - moves ideas from short to long term memory.
Picture Study: Observing and sharing beauty. 

Copywork: Great thoughts, spelling, grammar, handwriting and remembering all in one! 
Drawing: Observing your world and recording it.

Meaningful Minutes: Geometry

Meaningful Minutes: Dictation

Meaningful Minutes: Nature Study

 Meaningful Minutes: Foreign Language - Spanish

Meaningful Minutes: Literature Conversations

 Meaningful Minutes: Picture Book Biographies

Meaningful Minutes: Poetry

Meaningful Minutes: Booklists

 Meaningful Minutes: Audio Books

 Meaningful Minutes: Geography

Meaningful Minutes: Geography, Part 2

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