Confessions of a Homeschool Dropout

After 12 years of having my kids around me almost every single moment, my 3 older children are now in school full time.  Two are attending a Classical charter school and the third is in a private Christian school.  It is sort of  miraculous that these opportunities were available.  The change has been good but challenging.  I don't know what will happen next year; but, this year we needed to hit the re-set button for EVERYONE. 

I really don't regret much of anything I have been a part of - all of it has shaped us and brought us into relationship with amazing people.  I am teaching history at a homeschool coop and young elementary kids at Community Bible Study - so I haven't totally cleared the deck.  With just my 3 yo at home I am remembering what it is like being a preschool mom (exhausting and hilarious).  Although, my husband reminds me I never had just a 3 yo at home. I am being drawn back to my first loves - education and preschoolers.  In high school I always said I wanted to teach preschoolers.  This is my last time around with my own children in this age group.  God has graciously slowed this time down and helped me to remember that it matters.

After twelve years of parenting I feel like I am almost starting over again.  This will be  series about what I would have done differently - especially when it comes to homeschooling. We are still only midway through this crazy parenting story - but as my oldest enters middle school and my youngest is in preschool - there are many memories to treasure and lessons learned.  My kids might end up back home with me for school or they might thrive in their new situations- who knows? I am hoping that some of these reflections will help moms that are just beginning and those, like me, that feel like they are beginning again - getting a fresh start.

Wishy Washy Mama
Lacking in Formation
Curriculum Wanderlust
Not Inviting Dad
Failing to Work the Plan 

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