Finding Your Family PACE

I am so glad that you are thinking about how your family, education and community intertwine.  Hopefully these few links will help you begin to consider what might be a best fit for your family.  The path can be a little daunting but you have the tools to navigate a way for your family.


P - Purpose and Priority

A - Academics, Activities and Atmosphere

C - Community

E - Everyday and Energy

Hi All.  So this topic is a passion of mine, but it won't carry into the new year.  In large part because I have written the parts to help you think about your family and Susan Wise Bauer wrote a BOOK about the topic that comes out next week.  After listening to the podcast about the book (be warned the first half is fascinating for a educational history buff - like me - but . . .) I knew that this series was done.  Her book Rethinking School hits the nail on the head.  I clearly haven't read it, yet, but her interview was enough for me.  If you are considering these questions pick up a copy! 

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