Monday, September 2, 2013

Bright Spot Challenge - Week 1 - PLAY!

After reading the book Switch by Chip and Dan Heath (thank you Mystie for pollinating this thought), I realized my need to focus on "bright spots" in my life.  If I want to enhance the culture (labor for improvement, correction or growth) in myself, my family and other relationships I must recognize what is going right, celebrate it and see if there are ways to help that success breed more success.

So each Monday I will challenge us to find a "bright spot" around us.  I hope to also help us consider different aspects of the culture we are creating in our lives, family and among friends.  So each week I will suggest an aspect of our life that might need positive attention or that we might not often consider. These SHOULD NOT be huge life changes you have made - but small "spots" that are positive in your life.

Week 1 Bright Spot Challenge - PLAY!

What are some bright spots about the way your children play?  Did you play this holiday weekend (if you got to take a holiday)?  Do you see play as an important part of your life and culture?   When was the last time you really played?  As school begins do you need to build time to play into your schedule? 

Honestly, I am not very good at playing.  I saw this as a weakness in our culture at home so I have intentionally tried to change it.  So, my bright spot is that I have gone outside with my boys to play in the backyard almost every weekday morning for the past four weeks.  We spend at least an hour running about and it has really helped them to have fun, get outside and cooperate with each other.  When it comes time to work (while the youngest naps) they are ready because they have had time to be kids.

So share with us about your bright spot about play this week. (If you have another bright spot that is just screaming for you to share it - feel free to do so).

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