Monday, September 16, 2013

Bright Spot Challenge - Week 3 - Breakfast

So how did you do getting out the door for last week's challenge?   Did you try something new?   I did post a list of what we should take when we head out.  I didn't necessarily check it off but it was helpful to think through it (I did remember to bring the beloved blankie to all of our events this week) and glance at it before we left in the morning.  As we discuss this week's challenge, recall that we are looking for what is going right in our routines, habits and schedules so that we can celebrate that and extend it to other areas of our lives.

Week 3 - Bright Spot Challenge - Breakfast

This week we will our challenge is breakfast.  They say it is the most important meal of the day.  Do you treat it that way in your house?  Is it catch as catch can?  Is it a sit down affair?  Do you eat it in the car?  Is it skipped altogether?

Honestly, breakfast often seems like a disaster around here because our boys are morning people and my husband and I are night people.  We have never consistently been able to wake before them and be prepared for the day.  Maybe someday that will be my goal.  For now, lets focus on what is happening that is positive.

We read over breakfast almost every day.  Often it is our Bible and basic memory work.  This is made possible because my husband is home and helps put together breakfast for all of us while I try to read over the din.   Currently we need to leave by 8:30 most mornings which is shortly after my husband leaves (yes, he does work 9 to 5 - we are very fortunate).   So we mostly sit down for breakfast and start with God's word as a family.  Somedays it means one of our members is covered in cottage cheese by the end of the reading but we were together!

So this week I challenge you to consider how you start your day with breakfast.  What is going well with that first interaction (or lack thereof) in the morning?

Have a blessed week.

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