Monday, September 30, 2013

Bright Spot Challenge - Week 5 - Pruning

So how did you do with meaningful conversations last week?  I was so blessed by an encouraging and clarifying conversation with my mentor this past week.  I used to mentor her daughter and now she is mentoring me - that's how the body works!  Another friend has started video blogging and as a result we have reconnected and I will get to spend time with her soon - I can't wait!

On to this week's challenge.  Today when I returned home from church my parents had been here.  It was obvious as we approached the front door because one of our bushes had been cut WAY back.  They pruned it for us. Likewise, my neighbors pruned one of their trees last week and it looks good.  It didn't look bad before but now it looks better.  I have a tendency to just let things grow however they would like.  But, there is wisdom in pruning.

Bright Spot Challenge - Week 5 - Pruning 

Whether it's things, relationships, media time, whatever, I challenge you to consider what pruning has done for you in the past.  Hopefully, by focusing on something that we cut out and new growth happened in the past, we will more easily cut out what needs to go - TODAY!    It is pretty easy to let things just grow wild but beware the consequences.  So this week consider a time that pruning made your life better and, as we approach the holiday season, consider if there are other things that should be pruned out of your life.

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