Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tip Time - CC Cycle 1, Week 1

Well this year we decided to try Classical Conversations.  It is going much better (the whole one week we've been) then I thought it would.  I will talk more about the program in another post. I appreciate having some factual knowledge for my kids to chew on.  At times I still am concerned about memorizing without context but then I realize that our memory works on pegs and we are putting pegs in there.  I will approach math differently because I think you really need to SEE it when they are young.   I also enjoy it because it means that I can do what I really enjoy with my kids - reading aloud!

Here are some resources/ tips for this week:

Charlemagne - He is the topic of the history sentence this week.  If you want a good overview of his life with stories your kids will remember read the section of this paper called The Influence of the Monks - he is the topic of the last three paragraphs.  If you don't know much about the monks you must learn more about how they basically saved ancient culture.  I have been re-educating myself (one of the great things about homeschooling) about this topic - fascinating!

Multiplication Copywork - This is one thing I am very concerned about not just memorizing.  I really need them to "get" math.  Here is a free copywork for multiplication.  Check out the great circle at the bottom for quick review!

Mad Libs - Right now my 3yo is begging/whining to do one - at 7:15 am.  He thinks they are very fun. It is a great way to practice parts of speech.  Of course this week we just covered the categories - but if you talk a little bit about them they can do them.  I picked up some Star Wars themed ones at the sale out Old Navy this weekend - very random.

Continent Maps - If you haven't heard about blob maps and how to work towards the goal of having your child be able to "draw the world" by the time they complete 9th grade you must check it out.   Honestly, if you haven't seen the Half-a- Hundred Acre Wood website you should stop reading here and go there for a TON of great resources.

So, those are a couple of things worth checking out.  I do intend to try and post this earlier in the week in the future!  :)

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