Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2, Week 5

Latin and Grammar

     I mentioned before that memorizing the grammar is very helpful for learning your Latin.  Here is a nice chart that shows how all of these pronouns relate to one another.   

If you want a clear explanation of how verb conjugations work in English you can check out Harvey's Grammar starting on page 112 and page 115 has a synopsis worth printing out.  To download a google book into PDF format you click on the symbol that looks like a gear on the tool bar and download it.  If you are on an IPad sometimes it will give you the option to load it into your ibooks account to read it from there.  It is a document in the public domain so you can use it as you please.

     I did not make the conjugation tray this week - I forgot to get a cookie sheet at the dollar store.  I guess I could use one of the ones we used to make vinegar volancoes this week.  I'll try to do that soon!


    Last week we started reading Saladin by Diane Stanley.  It is a look into the life and leadership of the Turk that Richard the Lionhearted fought against during the Crusades.  I did not know who he was until I read our chapter for Child's History of the World by Hillyer (we actually have a very old copy I picked up at a church garage sale).  I have enjoyed reading Hillyer as our overview and then adding in books as they fit into our schedule.  We will also read Joan of Arc also by Stanley - but probably not this week.  Her books are technically picture books but they are text heavy and will take a few days to read through well (Ambleside actually takes quite a while to go through Joan of Arc).

    My boys are enjoying the crusades and so we will probably stay there a while longer.   I don't think everything needs to be in tidy units - in fact it probably helps our kids to remember and think for themselves if we don't bundle everything neatly for them.    

    Our "science text" this year is the Burgess Animal Book.  We  have enjoyed the stories and the boys remember more about the animals than I expected.  Since the topic this week is adapt, migrate and hibernate, I might review the animals that we have learned so far and talk about how they respond to the coming of winter.  It is about time to review and this is probably the simplest way to do it.  

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