Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Resource - Write From History Series

Write from History is a Charlotte Mason approach to history with levels for lower (K - 2) and upper elementary (3-5) students.  She follows a four year history cycle and has books for Ancient History, Medieval History and Early Modern History (up to 1850) and Modern History.    Each book brings together historical narratives, fables, stories and myths and poetry.   For each level she has the table of contents available on her website and elsewhere so that you can see exactly what she covers. All stories are in the public domain but she provides some context and chronology in her text.  

Although the content matter is history, she is teaching writing.  The introduction includes a detailed description of how Charlotte Mason approaches writing and a suggested weekly outline for using her materials.  She includes copywork, grammar, narration and studied dictation (if your child is at that point) with each of the passages she has chosen.  Her approach to grammar is very gentle and the tutorial in the appendix is instructive. The children focus on learning one part of speech a month and identifying it in the copywork they are doing.  Simple but effective. 

She has developed a full writing plan and you can get more details about her vision from her website.   If you sign up to receive her newsletter (she only occasionally sends something out) you will receive her free ebook about using a CM style writing program.  It is a great overview and includes her thoughts about scope and sequence in the elementary years.   I think she is faithful to CM's approach.  

I have two of the introductory levels right now (Ancient and Medieval).  We haven't used them faithfully yet because we are using CC history copywork and our language lessons are coming from literature.  But I think that during the 12 weeks of school that aren't covered by CC history we will use it.  I expect that we might use it more for my second son because he seems to enjoy writing more.   

This curriculum is stand alone but it could easily support someone who uses a more timeline based approach.  I am also starting to recommend these types of copywork resources to my mom friends who don't homeschool for summer or afterschool "enrichment".  It is a simple way to keep students' skills up and introduce them to history.  It doesn't take long to do - but a little practice every day goes a long way.  

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