Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bright Spot Challenge - Week 6 (belated) - Order

Recently many different sources have unknowingly convicted me about my attachment to the new, exciting and different.  Often, I realize that I am drawn just because something is new and different. However, this doesn't provide much happiness or order.  So, today I will share with you a few quotes that have come my way that struck a chord about the atmosphere around me.  Honestly, I have always had a bit of aversion to order - but when you consider that the opposite is disorder or chaos - you realize the foolishness that follows such a belief.  So, unfortunately, I think I am guilty of looking like this quote:
 "As pride sometimes is hid under humility, idleness if often covered by turbulence and hurry."  Samuel Johnson as found at the Circe Blog  
Without order there is less accountability because there is no standard to show where you are falling short, what you have skipped, etc.  Lack of order is dis-order and, in my case, is marked by "turbulence and hurry" with no substance to it.   

I hope that my life will be more like this: 
Though she was not by any means a wealthy woman and was busy all the time herself, she had a wisdom that spread order and beauty around her.  For me, Miss Ora's was a place of rest.    from Wendell Berry's Hannah Coulter (yes a fiction book!) 
What an amazing description.  So, the bright spot for me this week was that we did a MAJOR clean up of our house over the weekend.  We worked together and there is more physical order in our house and I am glad for it.  This is a huge challenge for my husband and I. We are both NT's on the Myers Briggs and live out of our heads and often don't even recognize the craziness until we see it through someone else's vantage point.  Now the challenge is to maintain some order and beauty.  

So, what have you done to bring a little bit more order to your life?  Are you linking order to beauty and rest?  Do you need wisdom to know how to order your life?  I sure do!    

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  1. My life is in constant disorder!! I get it from my father and am in stark contrast to my mom, brother, and husband! Lord, please give me wisdom for order in my life...