Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2 Week 15

Sorry this post is a little late.  We do actually have our meeting this Monday and I know that some of our members will not be in attendance.  Our city actually boasts one of the largest MLK marches in the nation.  In part because it will probably be 60 degrees tomorrow.  Anyway, here are some thoughts about week fifteen.


This part of the timeline is where we begin to add in some events that directly impact United States history. You might not remember the Seven Year's War very well though.  It was a conflict between Britain and France and was actually fought in the New World.  Native Americans were part of this fight.  In the end, France lost it's claim over Canada and was mostly ousted from the New World (they did still have Louisiana).  This is important because when the American revolution comes around a few decades later the French are still upset with the British about their losses and this is one reason why they come to American aid during the war.   French ships were there to assist the Americans at the battle of Yorktown to end the Revolutionary War.


These words about the type of sentence are a perfect opportunity to help connect some Latin with the English derivatives.  We are actually covering types of sentences in our Language Arts program right now.

Declarative - from the Latin declaro - which means explanatory, to make clear
Exclamatory - from the Latin clamo means to shout and ex means out - so here it means we are shouting out or exclaim
Interrogative - from the Latin - interogo - to inquire or question, inter means between and rogo means to ask - so we are asking between people  
Imperative - from the Latin - impero - to impose, order a thing,  you can also think of words like imperious or imperial - royal, in charge,

So, this is an easy way to connect Latin and English and help the children remember what they mean.

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