Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2, Week 16

Here a few quick thoughts.

English Grammar

This week we are learning what a verb is.  I have always found using the verb finder sentence "Can I _______?" helpful to identifying verbs.  If you can, it's a verb.  You can also make a game of it.  Have kids pick out verbs they can do and the whole group does them.  You can also practice the difference by saying to your kids "can you run?", "can you marshmallow?", "can you blue?", etc.  This doesn't cover state of being or helping verbs but it gets at most verbs.


This one is super obvious - but still helpful.  Pull out some graph paper and then work on drawing different size rectangles and talk about the area being the space inside the rectangle.  Have them count the squares, multiply the length and width, and just play with it.  If you have tiles or some other similar size squares somewhere in your house you could also use painter's tape to mark out an area and then have them count and play that way.  My kids always love to play with tape.


If you are interested in showing your children how Latin verbs work there are two quick slide presentations that get the idea across very simply - for free.  Here is one about making present tense verbs (the past two weeks work).  Here is one that shows the present and then moves into the past - what we are memorizing this week.  There are many other videos but some of the humor is a little morbid - so just beware.

Short and sweet this week.

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