Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekly Resource - Living Memory by Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is probably best known for his work Latin Centered Curriculum (LCC) or maybe his elementary school Latin program, I Speak Latin.  LCC is a great outline of a manageable but rigorous course of study for your students.  He does draw strongly on Memoria Press curriculum components- although the packages they now have available are much different than the outline and the format that he proposes.  He is more like Charlotte Mason in his approach to reading - read a few books deeply.  Honestly, I can't do a full review right now because I lost my copy somewhere in my house (or maybe I lent it out to someone).   The point of this is to highlight another resource he has - Living Memory.

If you have been to the education section of Barnes and Noble you have probably seen those book of lists for teachers - they have them for all different subjects and they are just a list of interesting things about a topic, or key areas to cover, etc.  Basically, Living Memory does this for classical education.  It covers the gamut - starting with Latin and Greek, moving into math, science, literature, religion, geography etc.   He begins by explaining why we should memorize and giving some different ideas for making it happen in your family.

It is a hefty work (over 400 pages) and covers

basic definitions and information

  • list of basic math facts, conversion charts, geometry - including a list of Euclid's definitions
  • a grammar catechism and often misspelled words
  • an overview of Latin declensions and conjugations, along with common sayings 
  • the Greek alphabet, declensions, pronouns and other grammar paradigms
  • States in the US (and capitals), countries and capitals of the world, (no map -  just a listing)
  • a detailed timeline history (great for reference, might be worth memorizing when you are learning about that time period)
  • chronological listing of rulers of Rome, England, France, Holy Roman Empire, etc. 
  • American presidents, with history timeline, major battles of wars, etc.
  • basic facts about astronomy, earth science, life science, etc. 
information to memorize or at least be familiar with
  • poetry - from Robert Louis Stevenson to Shakespeare to Emerson 
  • historic documents and speeches (throughout time with emphasis on US)
  • reference lists of gods, goddesses, key events in mythologies, 
  • proverbs, sayings, quotations in English literature
  • poem to memorize all books of scripture in order, scripture verses, hymns, but no full catechism
  • patriotic songs and folk tunes of the United States 
  • songs in Latin - especially of the church - with clear English translation 
  • Greek passages from the Bible, key works of literature - with clear English translation
This is a great resource for anyone who wants to do memory work with their children.  It truly covers an amazing amount of material in a simple format.  Much of the memory work covered in CC is in here - plus much more!   I haven't seen another resource that even attempts to make basic Greek approachable.  This resource is intended to last throughout a child's educational career and beyond.  If you are wondering what facts and works are worth memorizing you really can't go wrong starting here. 

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