Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2, Week 17

Can you believe we are on the down side?   I realize that some of you aren't as far along as we are but we will all get there in the end.  Next year we probably will take MLK day off.

Math - Remember that you can connect finding the area of a square with it's square root and squaring a number.  That's why they are called squares after all!  I would recommend playing with it and helping your kids see the link.  We have gotten out our cuisinaire rods and they are great for geometry - especially squares for obvious reasons.  My son had great fun finding the area of different shapes with them last week.

Science - Although it is not splashy this website uses a shopping cart to help explain F=m x a.  So, you can do your science at the grocery store this week.  If you go back to the main page he has simple definitions of each of the terms and more experiments.  Pulling paper out from under a glass is also about F= m x a.

Geography - I am not one to use my Ipad for games often - but you can easily find some free games that quickly quiz your kids on geography.  I think this is a good use of it - especially if you are waiting somewhere.  This is the one that I use - but you do have to be able to read to use it.  Here is a list of some others.

Artists - I should have mentioned this before, but there are a great series of board books that include many of the famous artists that we have been learning about.  They are very simple books but a great way for kids to get in touch with the pictures without you feeling like they are going to ruin them (remember I have a 4 and 2 yo).   Just know that board books won't be found in the library system where we are because they aren't catologed the same way as other books.  If you ask a librarian they can probably help you find it.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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