Friday, February 14, 2014

Tip Time CC Cycle 2 Week 19

Last week they had to look way down the bench because of the number of families who had sick ones in our CC community and my name came up.  So, I actually ended up being the tutor in my son's class this past week.  It was a blast.  I hope that maybe the kids learned something too!  There is a good chance that I will be tutoring next year for the youngest abecedarians in our group.  It should be an adventure.

Thoughts for week 19!

   I would say that it is worthwhile (especially with older kids) to talk about the unification of Germany (and Italy really) during the mid 1800s.  We don't have a history sentence about it - but obviously the formation of Germany impacts the wars of the twentieth century.

  I realize that this is the technical definition of a gerund but the easy definition is an -ing word.  From wikipedia you can see how English and Latin relate again:

Gerund comes from the Latin gerundium, which itself derives from the gerundive of the Latin verb gero, namely gerundus, meaning "(which is) to be carried out".

So you use a gerund when you are carrying out an action.  


Although we are moving out of Newton's laws I wanted to comment that the Olympics provide lots of opportunity to talk about force, mass and acceleration - skeleton anyone?   Don't over do it - but it is a fun way to see science in action.  

Have a great week. 

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