Friday, March 21, 2014

Tip Time CC Cycle 2 Week 23

This week my oldest realized that we are almost to week 24 - he was surprised that the year is almost over. I am too.  I am glad that we have a talent show and pot luck to finish up our year.  The boys are excited about playing the violin - I am glad that there are a lot of violinists in our group.  It gives my kids some peers to talk about music with - which is great.

History Timeline

I think it is a little crazy how our study lines up with current world events.  My oldest keeps asking about why everyone is always talking about Ukraine.  I hearken back to the fall of Communism (which was last weeks sentence).  Although not the same situation, it helps him understand how Ukraine is tied to Russia. We also read about the Crimean War last week in Child's History of the World.


As we discuss the Malaysian airline crisis, one theory circulating was that the plane ended up in one of the "stans".  That just happens to be our geography for this week.


Today we are talking about how heat flows.  Here is a really basic overview and it gets more complicated the further you get into the site.

That's all for today.  I have been listening to such fabulous lectures recently that I am having trouble focusing on the here and now.  I hope to comment on them more soon.

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