Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2, Week 24

The last week!  Bittersweet. We have really enjoyed our tutors and the community.  We are hoping to continue meeting together for some fun and nature stuff over the next few weeks - we'll see how that turns out.


Interjections are really fun to play with.  Take time this week to be silly with your kids and add interjections as often as possible.  Oh Yeah!

Fine Arts

If you have Beethoven's Wig #2 you have songs by Brahm's and Dvorak on there.  Actually the one about Brahm's talks about Bach and Beethoven as well.  Dvorak's song tells his life story quickly and in a memorable way.  So, if you don't own it at least check it out this week.  You will be hooked.  Hilarious! If you just want the appropriate song you can also get the MP3 from Amazon.


The identification laws - once again a big word for a simple concept.  Talk with your kids about how when you add or multiply by this number you get the same number.  Sometimes using variables is a little confusing for young ones in math - but substitute in numbers and it makes perfect sense.

History Timeline

This week actually teaches the song for all the presidents.  We intend to spend all of next year on American history by focusing on the states and the Presidents.  If you are looking for some resources you might want to check out Half a Hundred Acre Woods' website.  We plan to read this little book about the Presidents next year (it ends with Teddy Roosevelt because it is an older book).  It seems like something my son can read on his own and learn some new things about them.

So, this is the end of this series.  Hard to believe Cycle 2 is over.  We'll see if I am up for doing a similar thing for Cycle 3.

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