Friday, May 9, 2014

The God Who Sees

I think that's what most mom's long for - a God who sees.  One who sees the sleepless nights, hears the hurt, shares in the joy and sees what is really happening.

I am always reminded that God does see the lonely, unsure, rejected, outcast mother.  He does it in Genesis 16 and again in 21.  In chapter 16, Hagar was thrown out by Sarai when she became pregnant - despite it being Sarai's grand plan to help God out.  When Hagar was in the desert an Angel came and proclaimed that Ishamel (God hears) would be a tough man, but was in God's care.  God sent Hagar back to Abram and Sarai. In the midst of that Hagar calls God "the one who sees".   He found her in the desert when she was deserted.

What you may not recall is that Hagar and Ishmael get thrown out AGAIN!  When Isaac is weaned Sarah demands that they be thrown out -for good - and Abraham consents.  Remember, Hagar did not ask for this son - this was the son born of Abram and Sarai's own "plan".  God took a little time in fulfilling his promise (25 years or so) and they became a little bit anxious.  Really, Hagar is suffering because of their sin - doesn't God see that?

So Hagar is thrown out again and this time she truly has no where to go.  Hagar becomes so desperate that she separates herself from her son so that she doesn't have to watch him die of hunger and thirst.  She was desperate, hopeless, crying.  And God heard her.  He saw her need and he told her through an angel that he would grant her provision for her and her son.  Remember, she is the mistake, the slave, the unwanted one. Shouldn't he just focus on the promised son and forget the slave girl and her illegitimate boy?

Why is the God of the universe still caring for her?

He calls to her, reminds her that He has a plan for her son and gives her what she needs - water.  He helps her to see the big picture (which brings hope) and the well (which brings direction).  He sees her and speaks to immediate need and the deep concern of her soul.  

Honestly, if God continues to care for the mistake, thrown out, try it on our own plans, how much more will he meet those whom he calls beloved?  

So, in the midst of your daily wondering - Does anyone care?  Does anyone see?  Does it matter?  I encourage you to remember that God sees.  Not like a judge and jury.  Rather, he knows right where you are and wants to provide vision and water for your soul.  He brings encouragement for your mom heart (I will make him into a great nation) and he provides practical details (see that well).

I hope that this week you find some encouragement in the God who sees (and hears).  He comes to those who cry out, who need to be seen, who long for him to be present.  Then listen - to music, to the Bible, to nature, to the voices of friends - is he speaking vision and provision for you?  Are you willing to get up and go to the well?

He sees you - regardless of how bleak your situation is - will you allow yourself to be seen and open yourself to what he has to say about the situation?

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