Sunday, August 17, 2014

Christian Education (aka Sunday School) - Pilgrim's Progress!

You might recall that the past two years I have been in the two year old CE class.  It has been fun watching those little guys grow into 3 year olds!  However, this year I needed a change so I moved up to 3rd grade.  I am excited to be with kids who can carry on a discussion.  I will only be in the class for a semester since I am due in December.

Today I was OVERJOYED to learn that we are using a curriculum that goes through Pilgrim's Progress with 2nd through 5th graders.  I started clapping my hands and squealing I was so happy.  I hope that was encouraging to our children's director!  I have just quickly reviewed the materials but it seems that the bulk of the class is spent reading the abridged version and discussing it.  Each chapter helps you connect with the spiritual truths that are contained within.  There is even an audio dramatized version and each child (I think) will get their own copy of the book.  How awesome is that!  Later this week we'll actually get the materials and I'll probably tell you more then.

I hadn't thought too much about it when I accepted the age group, but I do get worried about older elementary grades in CE.  Honestly, many of these kids might almost be overchurched and just going through the stories that they already know is boring.  So, introducing a work of classic Christian fiction is a GREAT idea in my opinion.   At our house we have already read through two versions of the story and I am glad that my son will finally get to share it and talk about it with others!

Settling into the new building with our classes will also be interesting.  It truly is as close as you can get to a basement in our city - but it is ours and we don't have to take things up and down!

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