Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day and a poem

I am not sure what happened over the summer.  Much of it I was feeling pretty yucky so I just tried to do the basics.  We also visited a ton of friends and family so I enjoyed them instead of thinking about my online life. Actually we were out of town 6 weekends in a row!  So, we fell out of touch with pretty much all of our normal life.  We are getting it back though.

I am nesting like crazy and it might drive my husband over the edge - but the house looks nice!  Our first day went much better than expected.  Actually all three boys are ASLEEP - after school work (in their swimming gear) and a pool party (in 102 degree weather).  I have some thoughts I'll post about planning and organizing soon (I have spent ridiculous amounts of time on pinterest because I didn't have brain power for much more).  Not that pinterest helps when you just look and don't act!

I did promise a poem - one to remember for this year:


Muffle the wind; 
Silence the clock;
Muzzle the mice;
Curb the small talk;
Cure the hinge-squeak;
Banish the thunder;
Let me sit silent,
Let me wonder. 

A.M. Klein 

I do hope that this year I will allow more time to wonder. I even added the concept back into our saying about what our family education looks like.  I hope that all is going well for you as summer flits away and school begins.

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