Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What can I get at Lulu?

I have found some of my favorite classical/ CM resources at lulu.com.  They publish independent works which includes some great curriculum.  Right now they have 25% off of all hard copy/ published works (many items are downloadable PDFs on their site).  This is the best discount I have seen on there in a LONG time and you just have to type in the code on their homepage!

This is where I have gotten the following resources:

All of the items from Barefoot Meandering are sold through Lulu (and Amazon). It's easiest to just search for Kathy Jo Devore in the bookstore to find her items.  The sale is just for paperback items (ones that have to be shipped) but almost all of her items do come in PDFs as well.  I did decide I want some hard copies of the actual instruction manuals but will get the PDFs of the workbooks (so I can easily print them out for different children).  She does Reading Lessons Through Literature (Spalding based approach with the Elson readers as reading practice) and English Lessons Through Literature (teaching grammar through real sentences in classic books, copywork, dictation, poetry, fables, maxims and art study all in one!).  She is constantly producing new products so check her out.

Andrew Campbell, author of Latin Centered Curriculum, also has pieces available here.  I Speak Latin is a more conversational approach to elementary Latin.  Living Memory is a tome (400+ pages) of information about a variety of subjects and what you might want your kids to memorize from scripture to Latin to Shakespeare to biology - it's in there.  Actually Barefoot Meandering has created a collection of his middle school literature selections  with some extra curricular support from LCC.
If you are thinking about using the progymnasmata approach to teaching writing you have probably looked at Classical Writing.  They sell of their books and downloads on Lulu - search key word progymnasmata.   If nothing else it is fun to look at their samples to get a sense of how they approach writing.

I am sure there are more items worth mentioning (if you search Charlotte Mason you get some of her original works) but these are the ones I either have or have thought about purchasing most recently. The sale is only on HARD COPY items (there will be other sales for downloads) and ends in two days! It's rare that savings are up to 25% so I wanted to mention it in case you wanted to try out some of these resources.  Happy shopping!

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