Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back in action

Well it has been an eventful few months.  I am sorry I dropped off the radar but real life was a bit overwhelming!

A few highlights:

   In September I pretty much broke my foot (yes while I was 6 months pregnant).  It took a lot more energy out of me than I realized.  Especially trying to keep up with the 3 boys in the midst of it all.

   In November a dear Aunt let us know that she wanted to help provide funds to help us move to a larger house and closer to our community.

   In December our little girl was born on my brother's birthday.  I finally got to use the girl's name I have always wanted to honor some super special women in my life. The 3 older boys have mixed feelings but for the most part love her. They are still getting used to girly things (like pink, ruffles and tights). She is super cute, cuddly and is growing TOO fast.

   In February we had some cosmetic work done on our house (contractors around for a week).  We also found a house that we liked and put a bid on it within the first 24 hours it was on the market.  We got it!  Now to sell our house.

   In March we put our our house on the market and had 18 showings in 48 hours - with 4 offers above our asking price.  If you live in our area and need an agent let us know.  What a blessing. We lived out of our car for most of the weekend (and the kids spent the night with Grandma's).

   In April we moved into our new house (we actually just slept in the house for the first time last night).

   All of this was made possible by the hard work of grandparents and friends as they helped us in SO many ways!

   Now we are trying to settle in and find our new normal with a not- so - newborn, a new house, neighborhood and all the rest.  I can't tell you how blessed we are but we are still trying to catch our breath around here.

    I have been reading the blogs I normally do, homeschooling, and fighting the good fight.  I just haven't had time to write about it.  I hope to be able to do more blogging, it keeps me thinking and active.   So, sorry for dropping out - but I think you can see why.

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