Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weds. with Words: Essence of Motherhood

The one good thing about getting the stomach bug (when no one else in the family has - so far) is that I got to lay in bed.  My Amazon order arrived just in time to lay in bed and look at new books!  I am really enjoying The Whole Brain Child.  It takes a bit of concentration though and I wasn't totally up for that in my weakened state.

"Successful parenting means:  One, becoming what you should be. And...

I also received Homepreschool and Beyond.  I am in the process of getting to know more of the 4 yo moms at my church (the age of my 3rd child) and realizing that I might need to remember what first time moms think about when their kids are preschool age.  The book does quote many 80's homeschool leaders and I think as a young mom I would have thought - this is NOT enough.  Now I realize that it is and I probably won't even be able to do that much (yeah for coops with music and art, etc.)  She does a great job laying out skill lists and encouraging fun activities while delaying academics. If I followed it, we would be golden.  Unfortunately, I also learned that this book is now going out of print.  It has such great information though.

As much as I appreciated her pulling together different "experts" and thoughts about "better late than early" for preschoolers, this was my favorite quote:
Good parenting is "warmly responsive, loving and consistent care, balanced with discipline."  But the best explanation of good parenting I've ever heard is one from Anne Ortlund, who says, "Successful parenting means:  One, becoming what you should be. And two, staying close enough to the children for it to rub off." She challenges parents by asking, "What will you become in order that your offspring may turn out to be great human beings for God?"  
That, in a nutshell is what I have been learning.  The only person I can change is me and the more whole, healthy and educated I become the better I can lead my kids into that same type of life.  This is not easy.  The next book on the way to my house is Parenting from the Inside Out - this book is NOT for the faint of heart.  However, it will help you become more of who you are created to be - His reflection.  The author doesn't write from a Christian perspective, he is more into the science of relationships, but it's not hard to see how these things crossover.

What are you doing to become more of who you should be?  How are your kids watching God change you from the inside out?  The ride can be crazy, scary and scattered but the outcome is for your good and His glory.

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