Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday with Words: Dante

I have not made much progress on Tom Sawyer.  Although my 9 yo found a knock knock joke that includes "Tom saw yer underwear".  He, of course, thought it was hilarious.  I have decided to dive into The Divine Comedy.  Everybody keeps talking about it and I got it for a buck at the library.  I have the Clive James translation and I like it - although I am no expert.  The person who had the book before me made some notes in it so it is fun to read what they thought.  It is not distracting and I can see why sometimes couples read and mark books up together.  That would require my husband and I to read the same book - although I do think that he listened to part of the Inferno at one point.

I had to skip last week because of craziness.

Here are my favorite quotes so far (I have just read the first 6 Cantos):

This one which I apply to long time friends.  I am blessed to have a few like this:

and finally, conviction

This last one is about one of the first levels of hell - reserved for those who are fence sitters.  This translation is not difficult to read and I am enjoying it so far.  It is best to read it in small chunks.  

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  1. Fantastic I love the hero/set sail and the fence sitters? what a great image. Perfect!

    I love marginalia. It simply extends the conversation. That's part of why I like used books.