Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday with Words: Clearing by Wendell Berry

This weekend I was spoiled.  One of my best friends and I went to a spa for our birthdays. This is the first time I've ever done something like that.  We also went to Half Price Books.  I picked up a Wendell Berry poem (thanks to Alyssa who brought one of his books to the park).  My friend thought I was crazy to get this little volume of poetry.  I read it twice in a rocking chair on a porch overlooking the lake.  It was FABULOUS.  Lots of thoughts swirling from this short reflection.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

I love this imagery.  I need to allow this to be true in my life. 

This is how he ends the book. I too need to spend time in the present. 

Why is this so hard to remember?  Why do I act so discontented? 

This is why too much vacation can overwhelm you.  We are made to work.  I need to remember this for my children too.  Resting from work well done is very satisfying. 

I also am reading a collection of authors reflecting on writing their memoirs in Inventing the Truth. This line by Russel Baker is my favorite line so far.  He is reflecting on his very large family and a difficulty smaller families might encounter. 
When you're the only pea in the pod, your parents are likely to get you confused with the Hope Diamond. 

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