Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday with Words: Beatrix Potter and Mr. Tod

This year we are probably spending too much time in the car.  It is a BRAND NEW car - with the ability to play an MP3 player (our old car was pre smart phones) - so we can listen to things more easily than ever before.  I feel SO blessed! (Except for when you hide the MP3 player from the 20 month old and can't remember where you hid it - AGGH)

We have been enjoying many librivox selections recently.  I know that they need to hear me read aloud and read to themselves - which does happen - but this mama needs community so that requires some driving!  I feel like I am redeeming the time.  It also helps that the 4 year old doesn't loudly protest the whole time we are listening - at home he often starts being disruptive after about 10 minutes.  (Yes, we are trying strategies like eating while listening, letting him do quiet activities, etc.).

We have been listening to Clara Dillingham Piersen's The Dooryard Stories.  My oldest now gets some of the little things she includes about people's behavior that is lost on younger ones.  I have enjoyed all of her stories.

With my second kiddo we are working through  English Lessons Through Literature, Level 1  again so we are reading through Beatrix Potter.  Of course, listening means you miss her illustrations but we have read many of them together and enjoyed the illustrations.  Yesterday, we listened to Mr. Tod (one of the longer ones) again.  It is "about two disagreeable people" which my oldest enjoys.  The quote I chose is a side note but so true. Flopsy's father in law, Old Mr. Bouncer, foolishly lost all the baby bunnies to Tommy Brock. She is beyond furious. This is her response:

Apparently angry cleaning is nothing new!  Angry cleaning is not my "go to" method (although I did it when I lost the MP3 player - it still hasn't shown up) but I grew up with some angry cleaners.  I questioned what would happen when they had attacked all the possessions and vanquished the dirt? Flopsy really did have a right to be mad - Old Mr. Bouncer got off easy!

I love how these older animal stories bring characters to life in unexpected ways and reflect the good, the bad and the ugly.  They provide great ways to discuss actions, reactions and relationships without naming names!  Hopefully you are enjoying your children's reading this semester.

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  1. We are doing English Lessons thru Literature with our second one too! And knee deep in Mr. Tod. We still don't know what going to come of those poor bunnies in the sack! Thanks so much for sharing!