Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homeschool Reflections - What is your target?

I am privileged to share some insights from a long time friend of mine.  She has homeschooled her 8 children for 28 years!  Her youngest child is in 8th grade and next year he will go to a local public high school.  She homeschooled the oldest two through high school, but the younger children have gone to public school.  So, this year marked her "last, first day of school" at home.  She now has more children who have graduated from high school than have not.  I have been gleaning bits of wisdom from her about this journey. She has graciously allowed me to share some of them with you here. I will break her thoughts up over a few different posts.  She is not about to toot her own horn or write her own book - but I know that her wisdom might help some of us as we enter the fray.

Although I blog a lot about curriculum - because it is tangible and easy - she won't even discuss that with me.  So don't expect suggestions along those lines!

Thought #1 -  What is your target? 

A few years ago she was frustrated by the fact that she didn't get to do glamorous things - like go out to lunch with friends.  She was always home with kids.  She knew that she isn't called to minister to addicts or enter into international missions at this point in her life, but she wished that she could at least mentor someone or invest in something outside of her home. It was at that point that God really challenged her with the idea of "target".  What was her target?  What had he given her to do and was she aiming at that target?  

As a result of this insight she was able to let go of some of the guilt and frustration that comes with feeling like you aren't doing "enough".  This also helped her to focus on the things she should be doing.  Someday soon she will be able to go out for lunches and be able to mentor others more freely -  but that is a new season.  For the season she was in, God clearly communicated that her family was her target.  

So, what is your target? 

Have you asked the question?  Have you thought about who God has clearly put in front of you to minister to and support?  Are you searching for a different target because this one isn't glamorous or as fulfilling as you had hoped?  Do you prefer having multiple targets because then you can't be held accountable if one thing fails - there is a back up plan or excuse?    Do you wonder how your small target could actually make a difference in His kingdom?  

Aiming at other targets (or nothing) doesn't make you a better shot - it makes you miss the mark you have set before you.  I pray that you are willing to submit to the place God has you so that you may do the work he has set before you- whether that's running a household or running a company - it's His place for you.  I have the following Elisabeth Elliott quote up around my house to help me remember this.  

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