Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2 Week 6

I love the CC Cd.  Today I will share with you how we use it in the car.  This might seem pretty obvious, but sometimes it is good to hear some basics from other people.

Typically, we listen to the current weeks information for a day or two after our group meeting. As we listen, I stop the CD after each topic and we repeat what we have just heard.  Often, I will stop the CD and expand on a subject while we are driving around town.  I might also talk with the son whose class I wasn't in to see what they discussed about the topic. When I think they have the information down I will stop the CD after the topic is announced or the key question asked and quiz them that way. Then we'll see if they are actually learning it or just tuning it out.  It is simple and makes our drives a little more interesting and constructive.  I will tell you that it can be dangerous to listen to the timeline CD in the car if you have a difficult time resisting the urge to do the hand motions.  

After doing this I think I might make another CD that has the poetry, Bible memory verses and similar items on it.  I find that when I am reading the information that I am not memorizing it very well.  It's right there in front of me so I don't really focus on memorizing it.  But, if I hear it in the car and repeat it I do much better.

We also listen to the Prima Latina CD in the car much the same way.

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