Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tip Time - CC Cycle 2 Week 11

I realize I skipped last week.  I went to a women's retreat instead.  If I had planned ahead I would have had something - but that didn't happen.  So I will combine some thoughts.

Squares and Cubes - I highly recommend getting out unifix cubes or cuisinaire rods or montessori beads to help show this concept.  Basically if you want to show the square of seven you make seven rows of seven and look - it's a square!  This is very basic but honestly until seeing it in Montessori it had never clicked with me.  You could even do this on graph paper or with beans. Obviously it is a little more complicated to see the cube but you could probably do it with graph paper and make the little cube with the number on each side.  The visual image is worth a thousand words!

In two weeks our presentation topic is constellations to go with our science theme.  So, here is one fun resource I found about constellations The Storyland of Stars.  If you want something more in-depth you might check out Memoria Press's science curricula about this subject.  The study of astronomy is actually part of the quadrivium in the classical tradition.


If you are looking for some biographies to round out your studies you might look into what Jacob Abbott has written.  He has biographies for Alfred the Great, Peter the Great and William the Conqueror to name a few.  There are also some on librivox so if you are looking for something to listen to over Christmas (especially if you plan to take a long car trip) you might want to download them.

So there are a few thoughts.

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