Thursday, December 19, 2013

Craftier than I thought

I'll blame it on our internet connection going down the week before Thanksgiving.   When the internet goes down you start actually taking stock of your time and surroundings.  I realized that I have way too much fabric around my house and so I started to sew again.  Christmas always gets me in a sewing mood.  Most of the people I know have just about everything they could ever want or need so taking some time to sew them something is special.  Plus, it's fun to actually finish a project and make something useful or beautiful.

So since just before Thanksgiving I have moved things all around my house to help myself and the kids to get more organized.  Husband doesn't feel a need for organization because he feels responsible for his clothes, toiletries, books and videos, and sometimes his tools.  My kitchen makes more sense and I was able to move all my sewing, crafty stuff into one spot.  I have way too much for someone who hasn't sewn in a year or two.

I am trying to decrease my stash. So, in the past month I have made five mason jar Christmas cozy's (teacher gifts), two baby quilts, 4 kid messenger bags and helped make one full size quilt.  My husband is happy that I have a hobby beyond looking at curriculum.  I am now in the process of making "pillow shields" for my sons, especially since they have repurposed all of our boomwhackers into swords (not to mention their light sabers).  I am also going to attempt to make quilts for their beds out of materials they like in hopes that it will sort of help their room look more complete and give them inspiration to make the beds.  One can hope.   I am also attempting to crochet my youngest's stocking - but I am not following the pattern very well so we'll see how it turns out.  That is probably why I prefer making things out of granny squares instead of following a pattern.  We might have to revert to that.  I'll work on posting a few pictures soon.

This also  means I have spent way more time on pinterest than I should have but we are all taking a break around here.  After that nasty cold spell the temperatures are up into the 60s and 70s again so we are going to a park a day and enjoying really nice, but not so Decemberish weather.  I am glad we are just reading and reviewing over Christmas I hope it relaxes and refreshes us for the new year!

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