Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What happened to December?

So, Christmas vacation is coming to a close around here tomorrow - my husband returns to work.  It has been a great time and here are some highlights: 

- Spent the first full week off of coops meeting up with friends at different parks around the city - 5 parks in 5 mornings - it was GREAT fun. 
- helped herd 50+ prek and elementary kids to sing "Go Tell It On the Mountain" for the congregation and then left to go enjoy a Carols and Lessons service with my in laws.  Listening to the carols and Scripture readings in a 100 year old stone church and looking out the window at my three kids running around at the foot of the cross (that their now deceased Uncle helped make possible) is one of those memories I will "ponder" in my heart for a long time. 
- learned all about Public Enemies of the 1930's while riding to and from Fort Worth to see family (five hour drive ONE WAY to spend less than 24 hours - but worth it!)
- realized my fabric stash was out of control and decided to sew something. Which turned into sewing a whole ton of things and learning to make patterns.  Basically I turned my obsession with curriculum towards sewing over this break.  This will not turn into a craft blog though - this was an effort at organization and using what you have. (Except for the fabric I bought for the kid's quilts and mine!)
-  Enjoyed lots of time with grandparents - including the boys having a few sleep overs.
-  My husband sorted socks, helped clean the kitchen, cooked dinner a few times and played a TON with the kids - he is a great guy! 
-  My dad re-did our small bathroom and it looks FABULOUS!  It even has a fan now to help keep mold at bay - 60 year old houses don't always have everything you'd expect. 
-  My boys played Star Wars, Ninjago and built with legos to their heart's content (almost - I think that might be a bottomless pit for one of them) 
-  Surprise, we now own 3 hermit crabs - Come Thou Fountain (not fount, he's adamant), Firefighter Frank (because it's his little brother's favorite book) and the other is yet unnamed by my 4 yo.  
-  Enjoyed our last Christmas service in a high school auditorium.  My favorite part is always the ending when we light candles and sing - there is just something amazing about that kind of worship. 
-  Unfortunately, we all spent a bit of time under the weather - some more than others 
-  Enjoyed our annual New Year's sleepover in the Hill Country. Once again we were OVERWHELMED as we watched the whole city's skyline light up from the comfort of our friend's back porch.  It is truly amazing.  My husband had to stay home with the sick little one and he said it was like a war zone here - which is what my memories prior to this tradition were.  Much prefer seeing stars, fireworks and the low rumble to the smog and loud noises of our own home during this festive event. 

Of course, as the new year begins, you being to think about habits, plans, hopes, etc.  There are many things that I have learned this past year about myself and my family that I hope I can use to grow into this next year. This past year I felt like I was moving from one obsession to another - books, sewing, organization, Latin, etc.  All good things but all of them being used inappropriately.  So this year I am going to try to seek kingdom things first and let all others be added.  I know that when I get in these crazy moods it doesn't help my family and it doesn't reflect His priorities for me or us as a a family.  It is fine to be passionate, but I am truly giving myself to lesser loves. 

So, I am going to try to seek first this year.  That should probably start with putting together the missionary prayer calendar I have been intending to do all break.  We literally know enough people out in the field or preparing to go to fill a monthly calendar easily.  So, that's a first step - being more prayerful - especially about those he has already placed in our lives.    

I hope that you are able to reflect well on this December for you and yours.  I am glad that we all took a break to enjoy friends and family, traditions and new things.  I am not quite ready for school to start on Monday around here but I still have a few days to get there.  

Blessings to you all in the New Year! 

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