Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tip Time CC Cycle 2, Week 18


This week has two of the most influential documents on philosophy and thought - the Communist Manifest (1848) and The Origin of the Species (1859).  Both of these documents have been used in and out of context to support a number of different philosophies, social movements and wide reaching changes.  I don't know how much you really want to get into these works with your children at this stage - but just recognize that they greatly shape the thoughts of nations and men in the years to come.


Prior to starting studying Latin I could not have answered this question if I was asked it.  Now, I realize just how essential knowing these five types are if you are going to learn Latin.  If you've worked through Cycle 1 you know what I mean.  I am a little surprised that these are not in the order that they are normally found in Latin text books.  That order is listed below.  However, just being aware that nouns can play these five roles will go a long way to helping kids understand noun declensions in Latin.

Instead of changing position in the sentence or using apostrophes - remember in Latin you change the ending. That is what declensions are, the changing of the ending to indicate the role of the noun in the sentence. Just remember that Latin does not have a, an or the - so that is an English adaptation.  If boy is the subject this is how declensions work:

Subject - Nominative - the boy
Possessive - Genitive - of the boy or the boy's
Indirect Object - Dative - to or for the boy
Direct Object - Accusative - the boy
Object of a Preposition - Ablative - by, with, from the boy often used with prepositions (but some use the Accusative)

Have a great week.  I think it is supposed to warm up - we'll see.  Today was gorgeous here.

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