Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Resource Paradigm Shift for Curriculum

Well, this is supposed to be a sabbath week at our house.  I am looking forward to it.  My oldest is going to the rodeo with dad and at the end of the week we have a Valentine's Day party.  Last week was pretty fun though - spending one night at a grandma's house and a day and half with the other grandma isn't too shabby. We are so blessed to have our grandparents near by.

I am trying to be mindful of incorporating all of the non-curriculum items into our day - the real life things. So, this post from the blogger Amongst Lovely Things was timely.  I am trying to live into the reasons we are homeschooling and curriculum choices are the simplest part.  It's the day to day living and forming of hearts and directing passions that really overwhelms me.  That's just my own - forget three boys!

I am also thinking about repentance - pretty much constantly.  On occasion I am actually doing it!  I really enjoyed Mystie's post about it last week.  I did watch large chunks of the IF gathering this weekend.  One of the main themes was Jesus' call to repent and believe.  If we really did that how would we live differently?  If we called and allowed others to do the same, what would that look like?  I am still thinking about what I heard (I didn't take notes; I was cleaning frog cages and other exciting things).

So food for thought for the week.

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