Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tip Time CC Cycle 2, Week 21

We have enjoyed warmer weather this week.  It does wonder's for EVERYONE's attitude to have the sun out.

Well, I will aim at low hanging fruit here - everyone remembers Schoolhouse Rock's Conjunction Junction song.  It's a fun one.  Once you start looking at Youtube you can find lots of their other videos which might be a fun way to review some of the other things we have done (like multiplication).

So how cold is absolute zero?  Try - 459.67 F degrees.   They are getting very close to it.  It's absolute zero when particles stop moving and there is no heat energy remaining in them.

Creating acronyms is a way to help learn these countries.  This past week I was talking about parentheses in math with my oldest and remembered "Pretty Please My Dear Aunt Sally" as a way to remember order of operations.  It's been a long time but it's still in there. We are also learning the names of spaces and lines on the staff - so FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine (or Deserves Fudge).  So you can make your own or search for a premade one.  There are 7 countries in Central America (we cover the other two next week).

Guatemala  - Great
Belize         - Big
El Salvador - Elephants
Honduras    - Huddle
Nicaragua   - Near
Costa Rica  - Cool
Panama       - Pools

or whatever your kids can think.

The history sentence this week cracks me up as it mimics some of the 80's style.  Have a great one.

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