Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Resource - Easy Spanish lessons - SALSA

At a homeschool meeting a few years ago a mom mentioned the PBS series SALSA to me.  They are short videos (15 minutes) all in Spanish to help facilitate learning the language.  We have watched a few of the videos and might start again this summer.  I hadn't thought about it in a while but then another friend asked me about a way to introduce Spanish to her young one's.

The series is fun and useful.  The state of Wyoming adopted it as their program for teaching Spanish in grades K-2.  We are all beneficiaries because they created a great series of lessons for teachers (click on the tab that says Salsa Episodes).  It is aimed at those who have no knowledge of Spanish.  They use pictures, common stories, repetition of phrases, total physical response techniques, games and other activites to encourage children to learn and use vocabulary.  If you are adventerous you could even get a group together and practice Spanish together - watch the video, have the kids discuss the concepts in the film (retell the stories), etc.  So, maybe that would be a fun summer project. Sorry, it gets warm and my mind jumps to summer.

This is a great introduction to Spanish.

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