Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting Crafty: Putting up Pictures

As we settle into our new home I am trying to transform it from house to home.  At our last home I never really got around to putting family pictures on the wall.  Not sure why - it just didn't really happen.  Honestly, some of it was busyness and some of it was expense.  Then a friend of mine gave me some guidance on how to display family pictures - of all sizes - on the cheap.  WAHOO!!  So here we are.

I am not very good at organizing my pictures so I spent a ridiculous amount of time culling through them to pick out some favorites - of kids at different ages and stages - to print.  My friends who print lots of pictures recommend Costco and they are VERY reasonably priced.  I got a few 12x18 for $4, but you can get large 20x30 for just $10.  I wanted some irregular sizes so I got a bunch of 8x8 as well.

You may be wondering, how are you going to actually get those ready for the wall without spending an arm and a leg on picture frames - especially the odd sized ones?  Here is my friend's idea - foam core!  Yes, it's that simple.  Here's the breakdown.


- pictures
- xacto knife and good blade
- foam core (I got mine for a buck a board at dollar tree - 20x30 - they probably aren't acid free though, use a coupon at Michael's or Hobby Lobby if you'd like)
- mod podge (what I used) or spray adhesive (what my friend used)
- ruler (okay, I didn't use one but someone more particular might)
- pencil

How to: 

1.  Use the Costco website to upload, crop, and prepare your pictures and order them in the sizes you want.
2.  Lay your pictures out on the foam core and try to fit as many as you can.  If you cut it really straight you don't have to leave any space in between them.
3.  Trace around the picture edges with your pencil. Remove the pictures.  If you do a lot at once of different sizes you might want to label them somehow so it is easy to match them up again.
4.  Use the xacto knife to cut out the foam core to your desired shape
5. Use mod podge - but you could use spray adhesive - to cover the foam core with sticky stuff.
6. Lay your picture on top and press it down.  Let them dry for a while before you actually try to hang them up.

To hang: 

I decided to get Command Poster Strips to hang mine and they seem to be doing well so far.  The boys were very excited to wake up to new pictures on the wall.  I still have one big layout I want to do - but need to do other projects (like laundry) tonight.

There are other ways you could use this same technique - for example:

- To cut out and create letters for your kids initials (use cloth or scrapbook paper to cover them)
- To do other cut outs - clouds, superheroes, etc.  You could either paint them or use other materials.

So, there you have it.  A great project for helping make a house your home on a budget!

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