Friday, December 4, 2015

New Year!

If we follow the church calendar we just started a new year!!   I have decided that writing does help me think and remember so I am back at it.  A few things that have come my way this year:

Artios Academies - Despite my promise that I would not teach while our daughter was still an infant, I ended up teaching.  I love teaching history!  I even get to teach middle and high school students. There are so many things I want to do in this class but just haven't had time to pull together.  It will come though.  Artios uses a history spine and includes art, drama, music and literature!  I love the focus on the arts it is so good for my kids.

Afterthoughts on The Liberal Arts Tradition has been a great series looking at how CM and the Liberal Arts tradition work together.  I read the book when it first came out (in post baby #3 stupor) and was blown away.  Unfortunately, I cheaped out and got it on kindle.  This is a book you need to have on paper so I might have to get again.  This series has been a great review of the key ideas behind a truly liberal education.

Teaching Science so that Students Learn Science by John Mays - This little book packs a powerful punch.  He explains why science is a mastery course and clarifies some confusion about the role of faith and science, theory and hypothesis and other key issues.  He clearly outlines what skills and knowledge a secondary science curriculum should include to equip students to discuss and understand science well.  Before 7th grade he advocates mostly nature study, science experiences and journal keeping.  His chapter on creating a course for mastery is instructive for any subject.

I have also enjoyed listening to the Teaching from Rest periscopes and am so glad that Cindy Rollins has returned to helping us younger moms over at the Mason Jar.   I also read Consider This and The Living Page.

5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling is a great course put together at Expanding Wisdom and has been VERY helpful to me.  She does a fabulous job of blending philosophy with practical concerns. I think I might take this course about 10 times!!

It's actually this last resource that drove me back to reading Norms and Nobility.  Everyone discusses it and I read it once upon a time, but it had been too long.  I think I read it while I was still trying to fight for my own thoughts instead of receiving wisdom from others.  For the next few posts I will be looking at quotes that have really struck me from this work.

Really, I lost my way for a while.  I was going through motions but lost my vision and in some ways was perishing.  The works above are helping to regain focus and energy and remember WHY we are doing this crazy thing called homeschooling.

This year has also brought us a new house and in a few weeks we celebrate the baby's 1st birthday.  She is such a joy and such a blessing to all of us!   May your new year start with expectant waiting!

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