Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday With Words: Laurus

After reading this introduction and review of Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin I was intrigued.  I got it from the library on a whim.  It is so out of my normal reading that my husband even questioned how it showed up.  So far it's been good - adult fiction - something I don't read often.  It is set in medieval Russia and so far I am still learning about Laurus' youth and young adulthood.  There is plague, death and tragedy - so it isn't really a "fun" read but it is not gory.  I was hampered in my reading by a nasty stomach bug, but I will carry on.

Here are some of the quotes that have struck me so far:

Since this obviously interests the boy, why not tell him about it?  Christofer (Grandfather) asked himself.  
One time they came to the shores of the lake and Christofer said:  The Lord ordered the waters to produce fishes to swim in its depths and birds to soar in the heavenly firmament.  All of them were created to navigate their appropriate elements.  The Lord also ordered the earth to produce a live soul, for four-legged animals.  Animals were docile toward Adam and Eve until the Fall.  One could say they loved people. But now that is only in rare cases; somehow everything went wrong. 
Cristofer, the grandfather, is an herbalist and healer and he so naturally shares what he knows with his grandson.  I love the way they respect the natural world and see it for healing.

Another after a tragic loss:

You have a difficult journey, for the story of your love is only beginning.  Everything, O Arseny, will now depend on the strength of your love.  And, of course, on the strength of your prayers too.  
I imagine this is one of the key themes of the book.  I am not much further than this statement in the book but I think this is pretty much true for all of us in some ways.

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