Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekly Resource: Restful Teaching

The Circe Institute is offering up one of their fall conferences in video format online.  It is 4 1/2 hours for less than $10!!!   The topic is Restful Teaching and it is AWESOME.  I am an Andrew Kern groupie so I have listened to most of what he has taught in the past.  This series adds in Matt Bianco and it is a great addition.  If you are used to tangents and randomness as they talk you will be impressed - they are trying VERY HARD to follow an outline.  It is the clearest presentation of some of the key concepts Kern has talked about for years that I have seen.  I love how you can see the layers of his thought grow!  That's how we all should be.

I love Circe material because it makes you think.  It also constantly leaves me with quality questions that I can use to help myself stay focused and evaluate.  The questions so far include: 

Where is the Lord in this? 

Am I listening to the Sirens or the Muses? 

Is this content, skill or truth?  Am I teaching and assessing accordingly? 

Will my children be able to recognize the truth if they see it? 

How does skill develop into an art and lead to virtue? Am I moving my kids in that direction? 

Honestly, I just got it yesterday so I have only listened to the first half but it is so helpful.  Next week we are going to start planning a new coop for the fall.  This discussion has really helped me know how to better organize our planning and help us more clearly communicate as a group.  Perfect timing. 

I can't wait to listen to the other half of the series.  I can't believe the price point and I don't know if that will change soon.  I'll update you once I finish the other half! 

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