Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Resources: Move it!

Exercise has never been high on my priority list.  I grew up in an athletic family but I was never athletic.  I don't have a discipline for it or even a drive.  But, I have boys who have energy and need some direction.  Here are two of the simpler, shorter, but active things I have found for our brood.

First, I have re-started using a high intensity workout app.  We used it a LONG time ago (before my last pregnancy) but then it fell by the wayside.  I love it!  It is 7 minutes - 30 second bursts of 12 specific exercises, with 10 second rest periods. It times it for you, announces the exercise beforehand and doesn't require any special equipment - not even a bunch of space.  I love it because I can just let it play and do it with the kids.  Everyone can do it at their own ability (even the 3 yo tries it - the 1 yo thought we were CRAZY).  It is a great morning break and it really is a full body workout.  If you are not coming straight from the couch you can make many of the exercises more complicated by changing the type of lunge, squat, plank, etc. you are doing.

After coming from the couch to this 7 minute workout I was sore.  So we decided to alternate with Yoga Pretzel cards I have.  These are easy enough that my 3 yo can look at it and pretty much figure out what to do.  Again, everybody does it at their level but we can do it together and you can feel the stretch (if you are coming straight from the couch).  This is something simple that gets us moving but not going crazy.

More research talks about moving frequently throughout the day.  Now we don't sit and homeschool for long periods BUT having directed movement is great for all of us a few times a day.  Plus, it teaches my boys different ways they can use their body and use up energy.

The other trick a friend of mine shared was not encouraging running races but bear crawl and crab races.  Running can hype kids up but bear crawls and crab walk require using your whole body and it will wear you out and you can't go too fast.  So, especially in the winter months (even though it's 70 here today), find the track in your house - that place kids run in circles - and challenge them to crab walk or bear crawl.

I am so glad that I have found some simple ways to incorporate activity that we can do together for short bursts throughout the day.  It has been good for everyone.

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