Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday with Words: The Snow Image


We are trying to read a variety of things around our house.  I tend to read "educational self help" while my husband reads science and history.  I know we need to read more fiction.  So, I do it with my kids - aloud.  Today I stumbled upon The Snow-Image by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I was totally taken by this description of the mother. 

The mother's character, on the other hand, had a strain of poetry in it, a trait of unworldly beauty - a delicate and dewy flower, as it were, that had survived out of her imaginative youth, and still kept itself alive amid the dusty realities of matrimony and motherhood. 

That's what I want to find, nurture and develop that "strain of poetry" that makes everything a bit more wonder- ful and magical.  I have no real idea how to do this.  I am much more like the father who is described as "an excellent but exceedingly matter-of-fact sort of man".

I also liked this thought:

And, to say the truth, if miracles are ever to be wrought, it will be by putting our hands to the work in precisely such a simple and undoubting frame of mind as that in which Violet and Peony now undertook to perform one, without so much as knowing that it was a miracle. 

We only read half of the short tale because the 3 yo was screaming but the story is enchanting so far. Hawthorne wrote far more than The Scarlet Letter so I encourage you to check out some of his other writing.

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