Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday with Words: Twelfth Night

It has been too long.  I know, rule one in blogging!  The new school year did me in.  Did I mention how I have preps for 6 different classes and they are taught 3 days in a row.  What was I thinking??  It is fun though - I love each thing I am doing.  That is in addition to just our normal homeschool stuff - although I am trying to streamline.

Early September also means birthday week.  My two oldest are 3 year and 3 days apart.  Typically we have celebrated together at one big bash but this year it is morphed into a 3 week celebration.  So this weekend is the final bash.  Again - what was I thinking?  We are having fun though!

This year my oldest is in 4th grade and so, in good CM manner, we are diving into Shakespeare.  He has listened to the librivox recordings of the Lamb's interpretation (and maybe Nesbit's too) a few times.  He has the overview of the stories.  We also read Shakespeare's Storybook once upon a time.

I decided to start with Twelfth Night because my college roommate was in it in college and although I don't remember any of it - I figured it was a good comedy.  I have decided not to follow a schedule with this reading (obviously).

We were reading it scene by scene but today we read all of Act II.  He was laughing out loud. I love that he can follow it so well - thank you AO readings.  As usual the clown plays the fool and the wise one all at once.  This is my favorite quote so far - although I have recognized a few others as we have read.

I hope that you are enjoying some good reads for yourself and with your kids.  So fun when it is both at the same time. 

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