Monday, May 8, 2017

Meaningful Minutes: Geography, Part 2

The morning after I posted last week I thought of at least 4 more great resources for geography.  So here is part 2.

Barefoot Ragamuffin has a full curriculum but she has pulled out all of her geography readings and put them into the Geography Literature freebie (scroll down on the left hand side).   I found great books and authors I hadn't heard of before in her lists.   She also has a reprint of Charlotte Mason's Geographical Readers for free (you have to sign into Lulu though).  These are VERY basic but great for small tidbits of information.

If you want to focus on American geography you might want to check out "8 for each state".  A mom has put together 8 interesting sites to help you learn about each state.  There are some neat things on there.

Atlases and maps.  Of course!  My hubby found a HUGE atlas for $2 at the Half Price Book sale.  I always love a good historical atlas around.  Of course you can't really go wrong with a National Geographic Atlas. As you read, look up where things are.  You can also use wall maps (I got mine from Costco at one point).  I have used a shower curtain map in my class (really good for younger kids) and I have had fabric panels of the world and the United States which are also good for groups.  To be honest, we still don't own a globe.  Maybe that's what we should get this fall (they show up at Costco come August).

The Draw the . . . series teaches you how to draw places and continents all over the world.  If you want a place to start without investing - try blob maps (and here is a video series for younger kids to try it out.)

Right now my son is enjoying The Lost Art of Nature Signs.  It ties together geography, science, social studies and much more to help you understand how people used to read the stars, the land and more.  He is constantly stopping to tell me what he just learned - it is fascinating.

Peeps at Many Lands . . . this is an older series of books that gives you a sense of the land and history of different places around the world.  As with all older books you might want to read first and edit or discuss as needed.

Have fun with geography this summer.

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